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Systemfabrikken, that's me, Jens Podolla, with over 30 years of experience in construction, design and product development.
I'm creative

I'm creative
Machine design and product development in the various fields often require new approaches and ideas. These should then also be technically realizable. For this reason, a thinking outside the box and solution-oriented approach should be adopted.
Consulting and technical support

Due to my many years of experience and realized projects, I can help you with advice and support for many technical questions. This can be a layout, a concept or a feasibility study. My expertise in many production areas is helpful in this respect, as unbiased views from outside often help to find the better solutions.  
The right tool for the job
Benefit from the latest hardware and software, as well as the experience in modern production methods.
Constructions from 3d-CAD should also be technically realizable and should be considered during the design process. My experiences from realized projects are very helpful in this respect.

Inspiring projects and solutions

In the past years I was allowed to realize many projects in close cooperation with customers.
Simple, but technically outstanding solutions have been developed. I am happy to present special solutions and support in the areas of product development, prototype construction and production / production planning of machines and systems.
Systemfabrikken - Jens Podolla
Egvadvej 15 - Tarm | M: +45 41 66 72 42
Office: Innovest - Ånumvej 28 - 6900 Skjern
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